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Several of SAE’s members belong to academia, laboring over term papers, projects, and theses. Likewise, many of our professional members have written extensively on their fields of expertise during their careers. Altogether, SAE’s members have authored an impressive collection of engineering literature.

The Bulletin samples this collection every few weeks with various papers, reports, and even the occasional editorial piece.

By Najim M. Azadzoi
The Society of Afghan Engineers in the United States publicly joined worldwide condemnation of the demolition of pre-Islamic statues and monuments by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

By Malik Mortaza
A short history and the importance of Voluntary Organization and its role in modern
society was the subject of a presentation by Engineer Malik Mortaza at a recent SAE

By Malik Mortaza
It is generally accepted that the provision of safe water and proper sanitation was a major
factor behind the improvement of living conditions and economic standards in the
developing world.

By Malik Mortaza
Isolated regional networks supplied by small hydro power plants and diesel generation units, with the exception of one large hydroelectric 100 MW plant supplying the Kabul area, characterize the power systems of Afghanistan.