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Dr. Afzal Aslami, President and CEO, Fiber Core Inc.
Mr. Chuck DeLuka, VP of Marketing, Fiber Core Inc.
Dr. Saleh Keshawarz, Ph.D., University of Hartford
Dr. Humayon Qayoumi, University of Missouri-Rolla
Mr. Steve Rossi, CEO, S.C. Rossi & Company Inc.
Mr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, World Bank
Mr. Raouf Mehrpoor, Voice of America
Miss. Fareda Ahmadi, Founding Editor, Afghan Mosaic
Miss. Fareshta Ahmadi, Senior Editor, Afghan Mosaic
Mrs. Tahera Shairzay
Mrs. Bereshkai Aslami .
Mrs. Najia Qayoumi
Sohaila Sanie Shekib, President
Mohammed Aman, Vice-President
Atiq Panjshiri, Treasurer
Najib Rehoei, Secretary
Fareed Kazi, New York Chapter
Shad Sargand, Ohio Chapter
Ahmad Wali Shairzay, Connecticut Chapter
Rafiq Azimi
Abdul Ali Hamidzadah
Mir Abdul Malik Mortaza
Milan Olumee
Abdul Hadi Rakin
Mustafa Rasekh
Mohammed Hashim Rayek
Mohammed Naym Ulomi
Mrs. Sohaila Shekib, President of SAE opened the meeting by welcoming the participants.
She reiterated the objective of the Society and expressed the aspiration of the Society to lay
a foundation for Afghan professionals to participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. She
continued by giving an overview of SAE’s past accomplishments, highlighted by SAE’s
success in sending three fact- finding missions to Afghanistan. Regrettably, such missions
could not be continued due to current political circumstances in Afghanistan, but SAE is
determined to continue its efforts to reach the engineers and technical government units and
assist them in their work of rebuilding the country. She thanked the distinguished guests for
taking the trouble and time to participate in the symposium and benefit SAE with their
valuable ideas.

Dr. Afzal Aslami, CEO, Fiber Core and Mr. Chuck Deluca, VP Marketing manager, Fiber Core
Mr. Humayon Qayoumi Ph.D., P.E., University of Missouri-Rolla
Mr. Hadi Rakin, P.E.
Mr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai
Dr. Shad Sargand Ph.D.,P.E.
Dr. Hamid Kazi Ph.D.,C.E. and Mr. Stephen C. Rossi, CEO, S.C.Rossi Company Inc.
Dr. Saleh Keshawarz, Ph.D., University of Hartford