Voluntary Organization

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Voluntary Organization

By Malik Mortaza
TA short history and the importance of Voluntary Organization and its role in modern society was the subject of a presentation by Engineer Malik Mortaza at a recent SAE seminar.

What to Expect from a Voluntary Organization

  •  Achievements through group approach have a better chance for success
  •  than going it alone
  • Sharing of knowledge acquired by individual experience
  • Build self-confidence
  • Gain a feeling of camaraderie through sharing common objective
  • Acquire invaluable experience in personal developments for the current and future    carrier involvement in public service

The paper explained the need for such organizations in sustaining academic excellence for the participating members through the sharing of knowledge as well personal development through organized interactions among members under the framework of an established procedural detail known as the bylaws.

Your Rights as a Member

• Receive notices of all meetings to attend and to participate

• Have the opportunity to present resolutions

• Have the chance to move and /or second motions

• Have the opportunity to run for an office

• Nominate and vote for another member to hold office

• Right to take part in planning projects and undertakings of the organization

Voluntary organizations are an integral part of the modern free world, according to Marjorie Mitchell Cann, Ph.D. Active participation in voluntary organization gives participating members the opportunity to share their knowledge and their thoughts. This exchange becomes a growing experience for all those involved. Members will have the ability to create new images of themselves in their professional, business, or social lives to others.

Your Responsibilities as a Member

• Obligation to become familiar with the constitution, bylaws and standing rules

• Support and help to achieve the goals set for your organization

• Give loyalty to the appointed officers whether or not they were won your vote

• Pay the expected courtesy toward all members during official meeting

• Must pay the dues required of all members and other assessments determined by a    majority vote

• As a member, you should be ready to promote the purposes of the organization at    every opportunity

Before becoming a member of a voluntary organization, one must assess the declared purposes of the organization. Once you are introduced to the fundamental rules and procedures, move on to learn how to use them effectively and efficiently. Learn how to:
Elect officers and assign their duties

• Arrange various kinds of meetings

• Assign committees

• Set up comprehensive reporting procedures